As you are aware of, the SAT's are some of the most important and complex examinations you will encounter in your lifetime. On top of the high level of difficulty, the College Board quite recently introduced a new format that has created a sense of uncertainty among the students. Preparing for this life altering challenge requires merit, persistence, preparation, and last but not least, confidence!

If you have taken your lessons well and put in the necessary hours of hard work in preparation, then our Top 5 tips dealing with test preparation, overcoming anxiety, tension, etc. will allow you to take the SAT's and come out with flying colors.

Top 5 Tricks to Crush Your SAT's

Relax, we're not going to walk you through a tutorial of how to assemble a spacecraft. We have five simple yet overlooked tips that you can follow to boost confidence and walk into the examination hall feeling better than ever. So what are these tricks? Let's find out.

1. Take it easy:

If you're reading this now, the chances are that you've already done what is necessary to prepare for the test. If you are experiencing anxiety, do not panic as this a very common feeling that many experience before a test. While anxiety may arise out of low confidence or simply because you're anxious, positive affirmation practices such as telling yourself that you are prepared and confident will certainly help get rid of those pre-exam blues. Confidence will take you a long way! You a

2. Get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast:

The time for learning subject matter and actual test preparation has passed, and the best you can do now is take care of your body to ensure that your brain has all the proper rest and nutrition it requires. Before the exam day, get to bed early and try to get at least 8 hours of good night's sleep. A nutritious breakfast such as eggs or egg-whites, whole-grain toast or cereal, and fruit will provide enough brain-boosting energy to get you through the SAT's without fatigue. 

3. Revise your SAT Tutor prep material:

Another good idea would be to run quickly through the SAT prep material one last time before taking the exam. An institute like California College Prep can significantly help you in person in your academic dreams as they have the necessary study material, planning, tips, and advice to help you prepare for the exam day. They have a highly skilled and experienced faculty who would attend to your queries personally and give you lessons that are bound to make you successful.

4. Talk to your friends and family:

One of the best ways to feel comfortable about the upcoming SAT is to speak personally with your friends and members of the family who have taken the exam. You may ask them about how they handle stress and anxiety or just general tidbits on the best approach to tackle the questions. They will be able to provide insight on their own first-hand experiences that will help you better understand what to expect come testing day.

5. Take mock SAT tests:

What better way to prepare for the showdown than by going through the steps that lead up to glory? Through California College Prep, you can participate in SAT practice tests that are every bit as efficient and authentic as the upcoming exam. These practice SAT tests will help you to get familiar with the format, give you a thorough evaluation of the level of your preparation, and help you form an idea of how you may perform. Taking mock tests are vital to your success as they act as a guide light that shows your weaknesses and helps you overcome them to reach the peak of your potential. 

Trust in yourself and your abilities. You got this!