High School Timeline

Understanding the Process

High School Timeline

The path to college admissions can seem complex. At California College Prep we are dedicated to breaking it down into manageable steps to help you reach your goals. No matter where you are in the process, we can help you maximize your college options!

9th & 10th Grade
  • Focus on Academics

    Take rigorous courses & dedicate yourself to doing your best to establish a strong high school transcript.

  • Take the PSAT

    This practice test will be your first exposure to the SAT and will give you a sense of your strengths & weaknesses.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Immerse yourself in meaningful activities that exhibit your talents & allow you to explore your interests.

  • Maximize Summers

    Make the most of your summer break. Identify academic programs, community service, or travel opportunities.

11th Grade
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT

    Use this year’s test not only to indicate your current testing abilities but also to take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

  • Prep for SAT/ACT

    Take practice SAT and ACT tests to determine your best test. Create a test taking plan. Meet regularly with a tutor for test prep.

  • Take SAT/ACT

    Focus on prepping for and taking your tests. Plan to take the test 2-3 times during 11th grade to reach your goal score.

  • Learn About Colleges

    To begin forming a college list, learn more about schools & programs by taking college tours, attending admissions events, and exploring college websites.

  • Craft Your College List

    Create a list of your best fit schools to include safety, target, and reach schools.

  • Write College Essays

    Focus on crafting your application essays to exhibit your unique strengths & passions.

  • Get Organized

    Create a detailed spreadsheet with application deadlines, requirements, & details.

  • Create Application Acccounts

    Set up your online college applications & begin filling them out with your personal data.

12th Grade
  • Request Letters of Recommendation

    Ask teachers who know you best to write letters on your behalf.

  • Work on Applications

    Fill out your college applications, and be sure to compile and attach all necessary documents.

  • Demonstrate Interest

    Contact admissions representatives from each of your colleges and arrange interviews, if possible.

  • Apply

    Submit completed applications and send in all additional documents including test scores, transcripts, & letters of recommendation.

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