Looking to wear those Bruin colors after high school?

When it comes to prestigious institutions of higher learning, the acronym “UCLA” is recognized worldwide. Let’s look at what makes the University of California-Los Angeles such a popular and desirable place to pursue your education.


History and Tradition

UCLA began its storied existence in 1882 as the State Normal School of Los Angeles, so named because its main purpose was to train teachers. The school was located at the current site of the Central Library in the city’s public library system.

In 1914, the school moved to Vermont Avenue in East Hollywood and reached a major turning point in its development. The California legislature passed a law designating the State Normal School as the Southern Branch of the University of California, making it the second institution of the fledgling network behind UC Berkeley.

The famous “Bruins” nickname was adopted by the student council in 1926, when the athletic teams joined the Pacific Coast Conference. The following year, the state broke ground on construction of the school’s current campus in Westwood. Today the school is officially called University of California, Los Angeles.


Whatever your field of interest, you’re likely to find it at UCLA. The school features six distinct divisions encompassing 109 departments, which offer more than 125 different majors.

Here are the six schools that make up UCLA, along with some of the corresponding majors:

If you want to continue your education, UCLA has 40 excellent graduate programs, including the School of Law and David Geffen School of Medicine.


Campus Life

UCLA students enjoy the best of both worlds. The campus is a stunning oasis of beautiful landscaping and dramatic architecture located in the midst of the second largest city in the United States, with easy access to the advantages of urban life.

It doesn’t hurt that the climate of Los Angeles is the envy of other cities across the country. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the average daily temperature in Los Angeles is a nearly ideal range of 55°F to 75°F. The average number of rainy days is only 35, with most of them coming during the winter.

Of course, the scenic location and pleasant climate make UCLA the perfect spot for students with active lifestyles. UCLA Recreation sponsors a wide variety of activities including competitive sports, yoga and fitness classes, and adventures like rock climbing and wilderness outings.


UCLA’s iconic sports programs, led by the legendary basketball teams coached by John Wooden, have earned a staggering total of 113 championships, which is the most of any NCAA institution. In addition, athletes from UCLA have won an amazing 250 Olympic medals.

Famous Alumni

Many UCLA alumni have gone on to illustrious achievements in their chosen fields. The school has produced 13 Nobel laureates and 12 Rhodes scholars, as well as other successful figures who have combined to receive three Pulitzer Prizes, three Presidential Medals of Freedom, 10 National Medals of Science and 105 Academy Awards.

Notable names include:

  • Producer/director Francis Ford Coppola
  • Actors Ben Stiller, James Franco and Tim Robbins
  • Award-winning composer John Williams
  • Microsoft Research founder Nathan Myhrvold
  • Celebrity chef and TV host Giada De Laurentiis
  • Singers Sara Bareilles and Jim Morrison


If UCLA is on your list of schools, be sure to contact our team of college admissions specialists to turn your Bruin dreams into reality!