Applying to college can be a stressful proposition unless you break it down into steps, receive ongoing college admissions and college preparation assistance, and find out if you’re eligible for financial aid to help defray the cost of board and tuition.

You’ll also want to create a college list early in the college admissions process so that you match up your goals, interests and career aspirations with reach, target and probable colleges.

Thinking about which colleges fit your needs effectively creates a roadmap that allows you to stay in control of the college admissions process.

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Receive Help with College Lists, Test Prep and Your Application

Millions of soon-to-be college undergraduates scattershot the admissions process by applying to dozens of schools that may or may not fit their financial needs, interests and academic aptitudes.

That could ultimately pan out, especially if you have an experienced guidance counselor diligently working behind the scenes, but it’s definitely not a recipe for consistent success.

Ideally you want to create a college list early in the process to refine your efforts so that you can home in on the schools that provide a good financial, academic and social fit.

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Creating a comprehensive college list is going to ensure that you don’t squander your time and that you only apply to schools that appeal to you.

Custom College List

California College Prep works with Bel-Air, CA area high school juniors and seniors as well as undergraduate transfer students looking to make the most of their opportunities.

Since the process of negotiating essays, standardized tests, applications and financial aid can definitely be overwhelming, we work one-on-one with students to first come up with a customized college list.

Custom College List

We ask questions and take surveys to find out which colleges offer the best match with your academic interests, lifestyle and career ambitions. Other factors we take into consideration include: graduation rates, retention rates, financial aid and tuition costs, opportunities for research, and chances of admission.

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On the last note, we do extensive research and work with students to create a list that includes reach schools (a.k.a., “dream” colleges), target schools (where the student probably has a 50/50 chance of admission), and probable schools (a.k.a., “fallback” or likely admissions).

College Counseling is also provided by California College Prep’s staff, who leverage years of experience in assisting Los Angeles area students get into the best schools.

Test Prep Assistance

The SAT has changed once again, and from 2016 onwards the changes to the SAT will reflect the kinds of reading material and math problems that high school students will likely face in their undergraduate college years. The “New SAT” is out of 1600 points instead of 2400 points and features an optional essay section.

Experienced tutors at California College Prep have stayed abreast of all of these changes and can help you negotiate the perhaps uncertain terrain of standardized test taking. We work with students to build strategies for test day and discover and correct your weaknesses on the ACT and SAT.

Application and Essay Writing

Unlike the new SAT’s essay section, the essays for college admissions frequently are not optional.

With this in mind, California College Prep helps California high school and transfer students to craft distinguishing personal statements and engaging supplemental essays designed to catch the attention of college admissions staff.

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By putting essay writing and your college list into the larger context of your college application, we work with students to tackle individual college applications strategically and in a step-by-step checklist fashion. We’ve found time and again that this is a recipe for success.