Graduating from school and preparing to enter college can be both overwhelming and daunting task for the prospective students and their parents. There is a plethora of things to consider at once; it is easy to become disjointed with the procedures of college preparation and admission. Hiring the services of a professional college preparation company will help navigate the muddy waters of application processes, essay writing, and SAT test preparation. If you reside in Beverly Hills, you are close to one of the area's renowned college prep services!

As the parent of a current high school student, you may ask yourself, "Are all these college prep counselors as good as they advertise?" You can place your trust in a company like California College Prep that has established itself as a reputed brand with years of consistent professional service.

College Prep Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Comprised of a skilled and experienced staff, California College Prep makes the transition from school to college easier for every student. 

Some of the services provided by California College Prep are the following:

1. College counseling:  We possess the necessary knowledge and expertise required to create highly convincing applications that are bound to get you noticed. We begin by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses in various academic subjects, offering guidance to improve on the weak points as well as support in finding colleges that best fit your academic merit.

2. SAT preparation:  We specialize in preparing students for the SAT by analyzing students' strengths, academic history, and then enroll in a series of planned mock tests that span over a particular timeline. We keep a track of your results and provide advice every step of the way, to ensure that you reach the top of your game. 

3. College transfer: In the volatile education industry, nothing is permanent. So, a time may come when you consider transferring to another college. Let California College Prep handle all the research and paperwork as our counselors have extensive experience in dealing with the related complexities of a transfer student. We guide you to make well-informed decisions as well as take care of tasks such as scouting for schools that better fit your goals, preparing applications, and handling other important transcript and transfer documents.

4. Essay writing services: If you want to get better at writing essays that will be sure to showcase your talent and character, then the coaches of California College Prep will help to distinguish you from the crowd as you present your own unique story with compelling narratives and accurate grammar. Our professional essay writing coaches will guide and recommend  engaging topics, ideal writing style, structure, and themes that will leave a lasting impression on the college admissions team. This way you can present yourself as a perfect candidate with an abundance of potential to succeed in academic endeavors.

5. Financial Aid: One of the crucial functions of this organization is to find you merit-based scholarships and other help so that you can get admission in the college of your dreams. California College Prep will evaluate your position to give you the best possible advice in regards to maximizing the chances of finding the right educational financial assistance for you and your family